04 August 2010

Orders of CAT, Principal Bench, New Delhi regarding pay parity.

Orders of Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi regarding pay parity with CSS/CSSS in OA No.1165/2010, MA No.866/2010 - click on https://viewer.zoho.com/docs/bcjbdd


  1. Kindly see website of all india Doordarshan stenographers Association www.adsa.co.in regarding (revised) granting of grade pay rs.4600/- pre-revised pay scale of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 to the cade of Headcler/Asst/Stenographer GradeI/II vide News Services Divn.All India Radio, New Delhi No.21(Fixation)/2008-S dated 23.7.10.

  2. Madam Lalitha, there is such order in the said website. Kindly clarify it.

  3. It is a good clarification. Now it is clear that a DR (Direct Recruited) Stenographer will get first MACP in PB-2, Rs. 9300-34800, with GP Rs. 4200 (and not GP Rs.2800 in PB-1 as interpretted by few people earlier.)

    One more clarification should come that the DR steno Grade III will get first promotion to Grade II Steno, after 5 years service if there is vacancy exists in grade II in that Circle. Because there are few people who misinterpreet it as Steno cannot get promotion, they can get MACP only.

    Anil Singh, CO, Patna

    1. Is this India or any country else. We were better in 1946 India. We would be having pay parity between CSS and Non CSS Stenographers. There is one India. One post. One type of work. But there are two different types of pay grade for Stenographers. Stenographers of Capital city of India are getting more pay than Stenographers in State. Is this apartheid or racial discrimination. Our AIPSA leaders are only interested in PS/Sr.PS pay grades. They do not think of Gr.III/ Grade II/Grade I. Think. What I want to say. What is the benefit of Indian stenographers having two pay grades.

  4. Shri Anil Singh,
    Your interpretation regarding granting of 1st MACP for Steno Gr.D/III from GP 2400 to 4200 is ambigious as no order to this effect has come to grant 4200 under MACP. Now the stenos who are in Gr.D/III are being getting 2800 GP all over India under 1st MACP.

  5. Anil Singh, CO Patna.05 August, 2010 17:10

    My Dear Anonymous,

    Please come with your identity. First you go through the para 2 of Postal Dte. letter NO. 4-7/(MACPS)/2009-PCC(Pt) dated 30th July 2010, which is floated on this site. Thereafter, you will find that what I am interpretting, is true.

  6. The order dt.30.07.10 posted on this website is stating that those who were due for ACP from 01.01.2006 to 31.08.2008 are entitle to get 4200 GP (promotional hierarchy) under old ACP. And those who are due for it after 01.09.2008 (since MACP coming in into force) will get 2800 GP (hierarchy of grade pay).

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    What Mr.Anil Singh has said is correct. Grade-III Stenographer will get GP of Rs.4200 on promotion to Grade-II or on upgradation under MACP-I. In this regard as per Gazette notification under Part B with heading Revised Pay scales for certain common categories of staff,
    Revised pay scale and corresponding grade pay for Head Clerk/Assistants/Steno Grade-II/equivalent is shown as 4200.

  8. Dear Anil and Anonymous friends,

    There is a great difference between promotion GP and MACP-I GP.

    Steno gr.III/D under promotion will automatically get 4200 GP (under promotional hierarchy), but under MACP-I one will only get 2800 i.e., next grade pay in the hierarchy.

    Organised Labour have been fighting to grant 1st and 2nd MACPs under promotional hierarchy and not under grade pay hierarchy.


  9. Friends, Why this arguement and debate.
    6th CPC says hereafter there will not be Grade.3 and grade II/ Grade.I will be merged. What we all say/think is only imaginary.In short -making castles in the air. We have yet to investigate from DOPT that who are who ? There are various orders abt Stenographers- there are various court verdicts about stenographers. So first, it is better to find out our position from DOPT under R.T. Act and move further.


  10. Shri Sukumaranji, DOPT has clearly stated that Gr.II and Gr.I will be merged and placed in GP 4200 and for Gr.III model RRs have been issued duly changing to Gr.II without modifying GP i.e., 2400. It is evident that there WILL NOT be any enhancement of GP in respect of Gr.III stenographers.

  11. Why not my General secretary able to carried out DPC for Sr. PS & PS at Dte. Many vacancies are lying vacant since long. This is a Dte level matter, please prefer it. And all other matter i.e. Grade pay 4600 for Grade-II & Grade pay 4200 for Grade-III are connected with Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Finance. Please take Ist steps for DPC for Sr.PS & PS.

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  15. it is not clear as to whether the pleae of the respondents in this case has been accepted by the GOI or not. if accepted by the goi, a copy of the order may pls be posted on the site